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Sandler Training in Windsor | Windsor, ON

Accelerated Management Performance Program

12-Week Performance Program
Time: 90 Minutes - 10:00am to 11:30am

Live instructor-led, interactive training sessions delivered remotely via ZOOM.

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Learn the Skills to Manage, Develop, and Retain Your Most Valuable Resources...Your Team

Did you know that 72% of employees think their performance would be better if their manager gave them corrective feedback; HOWEVER, 69% of managers say they are uncomfortable communicating with their employees?

Sound familiar?

It's no wonder why 50% of employees leave their manager not their job, according to Gallop.

Are you giving your managers the tools they need to be successful? 

Accelerated Management Performance Program2

The Program is restricted to Owners, Leaders, and Managers who want to ...

– Become skilled at effectively communicating while increasing confidence & self-esteem
– Hire the right people for the job  
– Use a structured process for accountability & growth
– Learn a proven and systematic process for hiring & eliminating turnover  
– Develop a better understanding of their people and potential
– Become better leaders and improve overall productivity of their team
– Learn to set meaningful goals and develop plans for achievement
– Implement processes to effectively manage their time and other resources



Week #1 - Introduction to Leadership
Week #2 - Personality Types
Week #3 - Understanding Your People
Week #4 - Drama Triangle vs. Success Triangle, BAT
Week #5 - Change Management
Week #6 - Conflict Management
Week #7 - Accountability 101
Week #8 - Coaching and Time Management
Week #9 - Selecting and Interviewing
Week #10 - Hiring and Onboarding
Week #11 - Goal Setting / Planning
Week #12 - Developing Your Manager Activity Plan

Be a part of this virtual 12-week Program on Basic Elements to give the leaders in your company a road to Management Success.

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