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Dobrowolsky Consulting Inc. | Windsor, ON


John and Lori Dobrowolsky
Sandler Training Windsor

Dedicated to your success

John Dobrowolsky

John Dobrowolsky believes that gaining the power to achieve your business dreams is exciting. He works with business leaders who are serious about outperforming any competitor, anywhere.

Committed To Your Growth

Lori Dobrowolsky

Lori believes that everyone (including owners, executives, managers and employees) working in organizations today deserve a rich, rewarding and fun life. A nurturer at heart, her core strength is building and developing teams in complex and dynamic organizations.

Having owned one of the largest Private Health Care Companies on the East Coast Lori has developed a no nonsense, authentic, no holds barred approach to Leadership, Sales and Customer Service.

Her credentials include Degrees in Education and Nursing.