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Call Center Success The Sandler Way

Designing and running a profitable inside sales call center

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Even in this age of "do not call" lists and voicemail jail, more and more companies are setting up call centers to close more business.

In Call Center Success The Sandler Way, Sandler trainer Tom Niesen takes the guesswork out of operating a call center by presenting practical tools and insights that can be implemented with relatively little time and effort, but with potentially enormous returns.

The book answers important questions you may currently struggle with:

  • How do we get the people we call to want to stay on the line with us?
  • How do we connect during the critical opening seconds?
  • How do we keep them on the line and turn that call into profit?
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[AUTHOR] Tom Niesen

Tom Niesen is the CEO and founder of Acuity Systems, Inc., a Sandler Training center located in Dallas, Texas. Tom works with business owners to create a strategy to improve their sales force, increase revenue, and develop a company culture of accountability.

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