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Sandler Training in Windsor | Windsor, ON

Valuable Feedback

John and Lori Dobrowolsky, 
Sandler | Windsor

Your classes, training and advice was amazing and we really grew under your guidance over the past two years. I will say personally I have grown in how I manage our company and how we manage our relationship. We turned many pages while we went thru the training and with so many examples of your training weaved in our daily lives at LAVAL we will never forget all the benefits that came from your class. On behalf the team at LAVAL thank you!

Jonathon Azzopardi, LAVAL, President & CEO.

We achieved an increase of $300,000 in sales in one year through our work with John and Lori and the Sandler Selling System.

Mark Hanson, President and CEO,

BinPak Compactors

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Milan Malivuk, VP Growth, Shipfusion

John and Lori's Sandler Sales Training has once again proven to be a game-changer for my team! Having experienced their expertise in previous organizations, I couldn't wait to bring them on board for my new team. Their dynamic and engaging teaching style made complex sales concepts easy to grasp, resulting in significant performance improvements. The transformation they've inspired is truly impressive, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to any organization looking to boost their sales game! A must-have for growth-oriented teams.   


I just have to say that the training that you gave me and where we are at, from a business perspective, are directly related. It is with total, utter confidence that I go into any establishment and offer our's not's so easy. I just wanted to say thanks. You've helped shape the way I approach things and I appreciate it.


John, you, Lori, and I discussed my 2023 customer acquisition goal of 4 clients by the end of the year. I closed them all before the end of Q1 thanks to your direct assistance and to Sandler. The two of you have had a significant impact on my life. Thank you!

John and Lori Dobrowolsky continue to provide both timely and practical training skills and techniques, which provide the ideal balance of theory and practical demonstration. The content is well prepared and they are knowledgeable and engaging as presenters. Sandler Training can be applied to cross-functional disciplines and I have recognized the benefits both personally and professionally. The scope of training goes well beyond the traditional training environment. They are continually providing skills that will remain throughout one's professional career and beyond. They are committed to the individual and company success of those they are mentoring. Thank you John and Lori!

Scot Andrews, GROB Systems

I have been in sales for quite a few decades and have invested in some of the best international sales training programs that are offered. The Sandler System, instructed by John and Lori Dobrowolsky, is superior to most. John and Lori are sales pros, that teach real sales experience, not academia. However, the proof is there. We have been training with them for several months, on a weekly basis and our team just posted our best historical month. I have no reservations recommending them as an investment for educating your sales staff and/or tweaking your current game for old sales pros like myself.

Craig Barton, Regional Sales Manager

Thank you John and Lori from the Sales Team at Provincial Chrysler. Myself and the Sales Management Team at Provincial Chrysler started over three years ago with John and Lori and the Sandler Training. We quickly brought our sales staff into the training and noticed an immediate impact. John and Lori changed the culture of our sales department in a matter of months in a positive way. Provincial Chrysler has never looked back! I recommend their training to any sales staff that is ready to take the next step in professional sales.

John Skelton, GM Provincial Chrysler

I was very fortunate throughout my entire career in the Tool and Mould Industry. I was extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to go thru the Sandler Training program which gave me the added skills and confidence that I use every day to motivate our team and keep our customer base engaged and invigorated. Thank you to the Sandler team.

Ron Beneteau, Sales Manager, Arlen Tool Company

Incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to work with John and Lori from Sandler Training in Windsor! They share practical knowledge, rooted in research and supported by experience. The learning environment they offer is engaging, professional, and allows for continuous improvement and growth.

Katharen Bortolin, Director, Community Engagement and Advancement at The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County Inc.

The return on investment and employee engagement from Dobrowolsky Associates is exceptional. John and Lori are leaders in sales training, coaching and consulting.

Steven Wilson, Owner, Blackstone Sports

John and Lori opened my eyes to a whole new way of interacting with prospects and customers. My team looks forward to our weekly sessions to discuss successes and solve problems in our sales and management processes.

Sean Whitfield, General Manager, Whitfield Welding

Thanks to John + Lori for introducing a new way for our Account Executives to approach business negotiations and time management. When our sales team enters into a business agreement from a position of confidence and equal footing, they are better able to deliver a win-win solution for our clients. The dedicated time spent away from the office in 2 hour strategy sessions monthly, have been key in driving focus around self-improvement and skill development. Thanks again!

Cathy Miller, General Sales Manager, Bell Media

Just thought I would drop you a note and update. We started working together quite a few years back. We started with a basic sales team awareness and goal driven training session. I found this to be quite beneficial. To this day my team mentions points and theories you taught them while we discuss current jobs and prospects. I am excited to see where the next step takes our managers under your tutelage. Working together with you as part of our team has provided some additional avenues for my team to explore and benefit from. I do not believe that my company focus would have allowed for the inspiration that you have brought to my team.

Ed Michniewicz, Alpha Doors and King Materials Handling

Congratulations on a job well done. Hard work pays off and you two prove that all the time. Making people successful and confident- no one does it better, thank you!

Tom Kaschalk, General Manager/ CEO, DMS

I have spent three years learning the Sandler system from John and Lori Dobrowolsky. Many of us think of sales as the process of 'getting new clients'. What I have come to learn is that effective sales comes from finding clients that 'match' what it is that you offer. The process is much more one of discovery by each party to the conversation about fit than it is about 'winning a sale'. It has taken some time to rebuild our sales process and retrain our team, but we now more easily attract new clients with a better appreciation of how we can help them and how we can add value. That you meet interesting people through the process and that John and Lori keep it entertaining along the way are two bonuses of the journey.

Joe Nunes, Executive Chairman, Actuarial Solutions Inc.

Thank you to John, Lori and the whole Sandler system. We are very grateful for being able to connect with Sandler these past three years. They have helped our company to build our culture, understand the ability to deliver our sales points more accurately and we have noticed a great uplift from everyone at red sun because of the teaching and coaching that Sandler has delivered. We look forward to using John and the Sandler system to help onboard the new team members and develop the existing team to new levels. Can't say enough of the new found confidence of everyone at red sun farms.

Jim DiMenna, President, Red Sun Farms

Congrats both on you on your Sandler Award! You've been such a big part of my journey and truly opened my eyes to 'sales training done right'.

Eric Janssen, Entrepreneur, Educator

The Dobrowolsky team has given our staff access to the highest level of professional sales training. Their programs are local and easily accessible whether in person, or via remote access when on the road. A great asset to our employees and their careers.

Brian Campbell, Executive Vice President, SWT Group

I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the workshops and assessments that you conducted with myself and my management team over the past few months. The workshops have truly opened our eyes on some performance gaps and identified opportunities to improve. Our team has become stronger as a result.

Mike Magri, General Manager, MAGNA International

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